Cliff Bleszinski On LawBreakers: "I Have To Keep This Game Alive"

The Gears of War designer says he’s been humbled by the launch.

WHERE does LawBreakers go next!?

Veteran game designer Cliff Bleszinski has vowed to keep soldiering on with his latest game Lawbreakers. Cliffy B, the guy who made Gears of War, Unreal and all that, having spent years at Epic Games is now with a new studio Boss Key. And it’s not going so well, really.

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LawBreakers interview with Cliff Bleszinski – About those Overwatch comparisons…

We spoke to Cliff Bleszinski at this year’s E3 about his next game, Lawbreakers. Will the game ever come to consoles? What’s the current thinking on pricing? And how does the studio feel about the comparisons being made between Lawbreakers and Overwatch?

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Cliff Bleszinski talks Lawbreakers, retirement, Xbox’s failings, and what he hates about Overwatch

Lawbreakers- Lawbreakers is a new arena shooter from CliffyB’s new studio, Boss Key. I went hands on with it for a few hours and then sat down with Cliff to talk about how the project started, the bumps in the road and his hopes for the future.

NOTE: Nexon Publishing paid me to appear at this event but did not provide any guidelines or requests for specific interview questions or videos. I requested this interview with Cliff because Cliff is kind of a big deal.

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LawBreakers: Billion Dollar Franchise

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