Bungie Is Teasing Another Major Destiny 2 Death

Just like it did with the Forsaken expansion, Bungie is dropping hints that a major death might be on the horizon again for Destiny 2.

death by bungie

Why Is Destiny 2 LOSING Players?

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Destiny 2 is losing players, but is it something to be worried about? And why is it happening?

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Cayde-6 dies and why Bungie is doing it | Destiny 2

I hope videos like these are some that you may come to like. I’m not a lore master but man do I appreciate the art of story telling. I hope to do more videos like these in the future that are much longer and hopefully it’s something you would like to see more of as well.

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Bungie You Have Made Me Very Upset (I WONT HAVE IT NOW)

Bungie You Have Made Me Very Upset (I WONT HAVE IT NOW)

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