Anthem Closed Alpha Sign-Ups Begin; Test Starts Very Soon

You can now sign up now to test out the new online action game from BioWare on PS4, Xbox One, and PC ahead of its release early next year.

Anthem | 3 Ways To Play Anthem Early! – New Preorder / Beta Info!

Anthem News! Today we go over new information and various ways on how players can try Anthem before it’s launch. From preorders, to EA memberships to a potential alpha / beta this year. Join the madness and play Zombs Royale! Try your hand at the best battle royale game available right now at
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ANTHEM | Closed Alpha, Hub Gameplay & Dialogue Options

Today’s Anthem livestream took a closer look at Fort Tarsis, plus you can sign up to join the closed alpha!
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This Week in Gaming – 30th November 2018 – ANTHEM ALPHA SIGH UP’S & ALL FREE GAMES FOR DECEMBER


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10 Worst School Punishments Ever

Part 2:

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All of us have received some kind of punishment in school as a kid. But the form of punishment
today is supposed to be less severe than before. But sometimes teachers and schools take things
just too far. The worst school punishments are not just physical; they are also mental and
psychological. Here are 10 of the worst school punishments some unfortunate kids had to bear.
Number 1 will give you chills, so watch out for that!
Frozen Peas
We bet this student will never look at the frozen vegetable section of the grocery store the same
way again. When one student was being disobedient, the teacher forced her to kneel on frozen
peas as her punishment, and the result? Her legs were littered with multiple deep pea-shaped
indents that we 're sure didn 't disappear after an hour or two. While his punishment doesn 't seem
too cruel or unusual, it 's becoming more popular in Asian countries and it is not only limited to
school, it 's happening in homes as well. It is more likely to occur in Chinese homes. The reason
it is becoming more popular is that the teachers think that the pain or probably the
embarrassment of the punishment would motivate students to perform better behaviorally as well
as educationally. It is most commonly used on the misbehaved students and if frozen peas aren 't
available, frozen corn or uncooked rice work just as well. There 's nothing like putting someone
through excruciating pain to get your point across.
Don 't Play with Your Hair
If you 've ever had a sister, it 's safe to say that you threatened to cut off her hair at one point or
another, but have you actually done it? One day in class, seven-year-old Lamaya Cammon was

playing with her braids, and when the teacher asked her to stop, she, like any seven-year-old that
likes to push buttons, didn 't stop. The teacher then asked her to come up to her desk for a piece
of candy. She quickly proceeded to the teacher 's desk but when she got there, the teacher took
out her scissors and cut off one of her braids, all without even saying anything. the girl was
shocked and started to cry as she returned to her desk and the other students laughed at her. The
teacher would then explain to her enraged mother that she did it because she was frustrated. The
teacher was fined $175 and faced some disciplinary action from the school and little Amaya was
transferred to a different class.
The Starvation Method
If withholding recess doesn 't do the trick, you can always withhold lunch. One afternoon at
Bethune Elementary and Middle School, a huge food fight broke out in the cafeteria. Instead of
punishing only the students that were involved, the school decided to refrain from serving lunch
to all sixth, seventh, and eighth graders for an entire week. Each child was sent home with a
letter that they are required to bring their own food if they wanted to have lunch. Given that this
one is reported to be one of Michigan 's worst-performing schools, it really comes as no surprise
that they would do this. Parents were obviously angered by the cruel and unusual punishment.
What 's even more disturbing that many of the other students are less fortunate and receive free
meals at school so by taking that away, they likely would not get any meal at all. Fortunately, the
education achievement authority heard about the punishment and had a chat with Bethune 's
administration, canceling the punishment. We 're not sure you could stoop much lower than
taking food away from children that desperately need it.
Make Love, Not War

While this next punishment may have worked when you were five-years-old and fighting with
your sibling, it certainly isn 't appropriate for high schoolers. After two male students attending
Westwood High in Mesa, Arizona were caught fighting, they were given two options: be
suspended or publicly hold hands for 15 minutes in the school courtyard. They chose to hold
hands because what high-schooler wouldn 't when they know they would have to face their
parents if they chose suspension. During the hand-holding session, other students made fun of
them, yelled inappropriate slurs, and used anti-gay language. Some students claimed that it was
sending the wrong message about being gay by using same-sex hand-holding as a form of
punishment. However, the principal had many supporters at the school and they reminded
everyone that it was their choice to hold hands and that it was never meant to reinforce negative
thoughts about gays.
Segregated Lunchroom